Academic Departments

St. Anthony Catholic School provides a high level of focus on the various academic departments our students need to prepare them for high school, college and beyond.

Academic Support

Our academic departments need the support of both parents and assistants to achieve the highest level of education for our students.

Early Childhood

Learning and individual growth begins at an early age. The Katherine Ryan Preschool Program enriches our pre-kinder age students, providing them with basic skills while nurturing their curiosity for learning.

Elementary School

Our elementary program is structured to give our students a well-rounded foundation for their education in a faith-based environment.


St. Anthony Catholic School rewards excellence through several honors programs for our students that achieve the highest level of success.


The Robert C. Benson Library is one of our most treasured assets at St. Anthony Catholic School, giving our students access to the world through books and many other resources.

Middle School

Middle school program is tailored to prepare our students for the demands of high school and begin their journey toward their future endeavors.


St. Anthony Catholic School is dedicated to providing our Tech Savvy Saints with the latest technology to enhance their learning experience while giving them the skills they need to compete in a technologically-advanced society.

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