Cultivating young minds and spiritual growth is at the core of our elementary classes at St. Anthony’s. We offer a well-rounded curriculum combined with spiritual guidance that perpetuate our young students to high levels of excellence. Our dedicated faculty members approach teaching on an individual basis, applying various techniques and instructional methods to ensure every student can excel to their highest potential.

Professional, certified teachers provide a rigorous curriculum which includes mathematics, science, religion, social studies, language arts, Spanish, music, and physical education. Differentiated classroom instruction provides the support needed to succeed. We also offer extensive opportunities for students to learn outside the classroom environment, with exploratory class trips, guest speakers and outdoor adventures.

At St. Anthony Catholic School, our Catholic faith is lived throughout the school day, through participation in the Mass and in the Catholic observances of Reconciliation, Feast Days, and Holy Days of Obligation. First Reconciliation and the Sacrament of First Communion is offered in 2nd grade following sacramental preparation for our Roman Catholic students. We acknowledge, accept, and respect students of all faiths at St. Anthony Catholic School and welcome the rich diversity it brings to our community.




At St. Anthony’s, our students learn more than just the basics of elementary education. We offer diverse classes to help them excel as well-rounded individuals as they grow their minds and foster their spirituality. Beginning in Pre-K3, our dedicated Spanish teacher introduces students to the Spanish language with music and dance. Spanish is also used throughout the KRP day to acquaint the young students with oral Spanish. Vocabulary and conversational Spanish is introduced in 1st grade to prepare the students for more challenging language instruction from 3rd to 5th grade.

We foster an innate understanding of technology from an early age in our elementary classrooms. Our teachers and technology instructors collaborate to combine technology skills and learning throughout the educational process. This allows our students to gain real-life experience using the technology that is so prevalent in the world we live in.

Music instruction incorporates the Core Knowledge Curriculum. Students are introduced to noted composers, elements of music, keyboards, and traditional songs in a fun, engaging manner. Starting in 2nd grade, students may participate in our award-winning school choir led by music teacher and choir director, Jeanine Hem.

Your child’s formative elementary education is the foundation for their continuing education throughout their middle, high school and college years. Give them the tools they need to succeed with a quality education at St. Antony’s Elementary School.