No academic curriculum would be complete in today’s world without incorporating technology into every aspect of learning. At St. Anthony Catholic School, we understand the crucial role technology will play in our students’ futures and have created an extensive exploration into using technology as part of our core curriculum. Our Tech Savvy Saints program is designed to meet and exceed the general requirements of computer literacy ensuring the students are proficient in the four strands: Foundation, Information Acquisition, Work In Solving Problems, and Communication.

St. Anthony middle school students have access to technology through technology-centric elective courses as well as through technology integration into the core courses and other electives. By properly learning how to effectively and efficiently use a variety of software programs coupled with hardware tools, the students’ preparation to become writers, authors, artists, scientists, mathematicians, musicians, and computer programmers is enhanced.

Elementary Technology Courses

Technology is used throughout the curriculum. Each classroom is equipped with a SMART Board, document camera and mini iPads. The teacher incorporates technology through videos, engaging interactive games and activities from SMART Board Exchange or other educational websites into the lesson. Students have access to enhance their learning by utilizing iPads in reading or math to reinforce skills. By the 5th grade, the focus is on using application tools to produce individual, group and class products. Students begin by improving keyboarding and by practicing using word processors, presentation software, search strategies with browsers, and spreadsheets. Activities in the lab are closely tied to real-life classroom presentations and products.

Middle School Technology

To continue their exploration into computer science and technology, middle school offer courses on using the Microsoft Office Suite and other common software programs students will need to use throughout their high school and college courses. Other electives include graphic design options such as digital art and image editing.

St. Anthony Catholic School is dedicated to helping all students receive a quality 21st century education and giving them the advantage to think critically, behave safely, and participate responsibly in an increasingly technological society