Healthy competition is encouraged at St. Anthony Catholic School. Receiving honors for reaching a high level of success helps bolster self-confidence for our students and spurs them to strive to reach for the stars. We are proud of the honors our students have achieved in various academic and extra-curricular-based competitions, representing our school in many different areas. Some of the honors our students have recently received include:

Saints Robotics Team Won Trash Trek Project Award

Winner of the Battle of Bluebonnet Book Competition

Superior Ratings at the Soundwaves Choir Competition

Central Catholic Quiz Bowl – Our students represented St. Anthony Catholic School with high honors

  • Math (1st Place For 6th, 7th And 8th Grade)
  • Current Events, Religion (7th Grade Received 1st Place)
  • Social Studies, And Art (7th And 8th Grade Received 1st Place)

St. Anthony High School Mathematics Competition

  • 6th And 7th Grade Received 1st And 2nd Place Honors
  • 8th Grade Placed In Top Three

Battle of Flowers Association 22nd Annual Texas History Essay Contest Winner

  • Top Honor In City-Wide Essay Contest – Was Selected From 7th Graders Representing Public, Private, And Charter Schools City-Wide
  • Education may be its own reward, but at St. Anthony Catholic School we also want to honor our students that apply themselves to achieve a high level of success. Team and class competitions help our students learn to work together to reach their goals, a valuable lesson which they will use throughout their lives.