St. Anthony Catholic School

Built upon the legacy of the Sisters of Divine Providence, St. Anthony Catholic School in San Antonio is a vibrant campus with students, teachers and parents who understand and value the importance of a faith-based education, small class sizes, and high parental involvement. A long-standing private educational institution, St. Anthony Catholic School has generations of alumni and a rich history serving San Antonio and South Texas.

Great Beginnings Last a Lifetime

Dedicated to academic excellence and spiritual formation, St. Anthony Catholic School prepares students for success in high school, college, and throughout their lives. The school provides young people with an academically rigorous and doctrinally sound program of education and faith formation designed to strengthen their union with Christ and neighbors.

Our educational programs begin with our Kathrine Ryan Early Childhood Program to give three, four and five-year olds the building blocks for their formal education. Once they graduate to our elementary level, the dedicated faculty offers a rigorous curriculum combined with enrichment opportunities in music, technology, foreign language, and the arts. Beginning in 6th grade, our middle school students begin to explore a larger spectrum of electives, along with the core curriculum they need to excel in their future educational endeavors.

Providing Educational Excellence

The faculty challenges students through a variety of traditional and contemporary methods designed to help each student develop a strong work ethic and resilient mind. The school community—faculty, families, alumni, friends, and neighbors—fosters a loving environment in Christ’s image and seeks to educate the whole child: body, mind, and spirit.

St. Anthony is a Catholic school, that welcomes children of all faiths and backgrounds to create a diverse and balanced student body.  Our mission is to give all our students a superior education, rooted in the Catholic faith and gospel values, that will serve to expand their opportunities for success in their future. Our graduates have become leaders in the San Antonio community and beyond for over a century – armed with the self-confidence, a solid educational foundation and faith in our providential God to pursue their dreams.


The St. Anthony Family

For over a century, St. Anthony Catholic School has been educating and preparing children for success in the San Antonio area for success. We are proud to have thousands of graduates over the years that have gone on to achieve success in a wide variety of careers and life paths. Attending our school has become a tradition for many families, with generation after generation walking the same halls and steps as their parents and grandparents.

Our alumni are part of our family. Many lifetime friendships and relationships have begun at St. Anthony and continue to grow throughout the years. We are honored that so many alumni find their way back to St. Anthony after they finish college and begin their own families. Dozens of alumni have their children currently attending St. Anthony. The legacy of St. Anthony continues, as it has for over a century.

The list of St. Anthony alumni is extensive, with many of our former students going on to prestigious colleges and positions in their chosen professions. A few of the notable alumni include:

Robert Rodriguez, Director
Whitley Strieber, Author
Justin Rodriguez, Texas State Representative, District 125
Sonya Medina Williams, Government Public Affairs Strategist

Many of our alumni have become leaders in our community, while some have spread their wings and found their success in other areas of the world. What they all have in common is the strong faith-based education that helped them shape their character and gain an appreciation of knowledge during their formative years. Our focus on small, intimate classes with high parental involvement is one of the reasons that so many of our alumni return to us when it is time to choose a school for their children.

If you are a former student and would like to share information about yourself or classmates, please complete our Alumni News Form. Follow St. Anthony Alumni Relations on Facebook.