An exceptional education takes more than just dedicated teachers and a diverse curriculum. It requires support from many different areas to ensure all students succeed. At St. Anthony Catholic School, we approach learning as a group effort; one that takes parents, teachers, support staff, special programs and student participation to excel. We offer small class sizes to give our students the individual attention they each need, along with several avenues of academic support within the school.

Beyond our exceptional teachers, we have other staff and resources for our students. We have a dedicated Resource Teacher and an Instructional Coordinator to help facilitate our programs. For our K3-K5 classes, we have fulltime Instructional KRP Assistants to give our budding students the one-on-one interactions they need. In addition, we offer several additional programs to meet the needs of our students, including:

  • An Advanced Mathematics Program For Our Middle School Students.
  • Our Stepping Forward Program For High Achievers.
  • Our Solutions For All, Which Is An Intervention Program To Meet The Needs Of Individual Students.

At St. Anthony Catholic School, our faculty carefully evaluates each student’s needs to ensure they are understanding and retaining the curriculum. Our academic support options are just some of the tools we use to help each of our students reach their highest potential while embracing their individual strengths and challenges.