Music Appreciation and Participation

Learning an appreciation for music in its many forms has cultural, cognitive, spiritual and emotional growth benefits. At St. Anthony, we begin exploring music with our students in our pre-kinder program and continue throughout elementary school. We offer a bi-weekly music program for our K3-5th grade classes that allows our students to begin nurturing musical talents and expressing themselves through music. Every year a Christmas program is performed by our K3-5th grade music students.

Music can open up a new way to process emotional responses and give an outlet for joy, pain, sorrow and celebration. It is integrated into all aspects of our culture, from religious expression to entertainment. Exploring musical disciplines allows our students to learn to appreciate different forms of expression, while incorporating team-building and cooperation skills.

In addition to our core music program for KRP and elementary students, we offer participation on our award-winning choir program for 2nd thru 8th grades and a Band elective for 6th-8th grade..