Robert C. Benson Memorial Library


The Benson Library is the heart of our school, giving our students access to the materials they needed to learn, grow and expand their learning in all areas of their studies. Students are guided through independent discovery, learn research skills, and work collaboratively to extend and enrich their classroom curriculum.


Our library is more than just a collection of books; it is a well-rounded resource area for our students to access any information they need to accelerate their learning. We have equipped our library with the technology needed for online access. Plus, our library is the focal point for other programs as well. Some of the resources available at the Benson Library include:


Online Library Resources

In addition to the many resources located within our library, we also offer several online resources to our students, faculty members and all of our St. Anthony families. The Benson Library Catalog is accessible online, as well as several other resources, including:


These online resources give our students and their families 24/7 access to a vast cache of information and reading materials they can use for research or personal use. Log on criteria is needed to access these databases. Each student receives log on information for access. However, if you need access information, please contact Kathy Guerra, (210) 732-8801 ext. 127