Student Achievements and Honors


Healthy competition is encouraged at St. Anthony Catholic School. Receiving honors for reaching a high level of success helps bolster self-confidence for our students and spurs them to strive to reach for the stars. We are proud of the honors our students have achieved in various academic and extra-curricular-based competitions, representing our school in many different areas. Some of the honors our students have recently received include:


Saints Robotics Team Won Trash Trek Project Award

Winner of the Battle of Bluebonnet Book Competition

Superior Ratings at the Soundwaves Choir Competition

Central Catholic Quiz Bowl – Our students represented St. Anthony Catholic School with high honors



St. Anthony High School Mathematics Competition



Battle of Flowers Association 22nd Annual Texas History Essay Contest Winner



Education may be its own reward, but at St. Anthony Catholic School we also want to honor our students that apply themselves to achieve a high level of success. Team and class competitions help our students learn to work together to reach their goals, a valuable lesson which they will use throughout their lives.