Creating deep-rooted, Catholic values is at the core of the educational experience at St. Anthony Catholic School. We share the vision of the Archdiocese of San Antonio to teach our students to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ and apply the teachings to their own lives. Through teaching strong Catholic values in our classroom, we hope to mold the Christian leaders of the future with a solid, moral foundation.

One of the core elements of sharing Catholic values with our students is how to apply what they learn in the community and in their own lives. We teach them the value of respect for their fellow man and their responsibility to better the world we live in. A deep appreciation for family and community is cherished. It is through action, not just words, that they can best spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our students at St. Anthony are given the opportunity to receive a rigorous education with a strong parental involvement in our community. This blend of faculty and family nurturing the minds and souls of our students is essential in fostering the Catholic values and skills they will need to become responsible, respected adults in the future. Our many accomplished alumni are a testament to how important an impact these formative years can be on our children. Giving them a quality education and strong moral foundation based in the Catholic faith gives them the best chance of success in a challenging and competitive world.