Military Families

“I send my children to St. Anthony Catholic School because it felt like home from the minute we stepped on campus.” - Stephanie Rinaldi

St. Anthony Welcomes Military Families

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The community of St. Anthony Catholic School recognizes that relocations can be challenging. That is why we believe making strong connections and ensuring your children feel welcomed to their new school is important. We want to help your family with this transition by establishing these connections quickly with currently enrolled students and their families.

St. Anthony Catholic School offers a close-knit environment that embraces new students and their families. With smaller class sizes, our teachers have the opportunity to get to know your child on an individual basis and students are more easily able to develop friendships with new classmates. The parent community is closely connected and welcome the opportunity to help new families feel comfortable and familiar with our campus and our great city.

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Rinaldi Family Testimonial

Rinaldi Family San Antonio, TX

“[Our family] came back to San Antonio in 2011. It was the last 2 years of my husband’s service in the Air Force, and we knew he would be away for most of the remaining time. Our son, Kyle, was a Junior in High School and our daughter, Sarah, was entering the 2nd grade.

Since our arrival in the Summer program in 2011, I felt the sense of welcome and belonging that I knew would be so critical in a time when [my husband], Frank, would be gone so frequently. I work outside of the home, so conveniences like freshly made breakfast and lunch gave me piece of mind that my child received nutritional meals every day, in spite of our busy schedule. Sarah enjoyed the after-school programs and activities. It was quite a treat when I learned that all school supplies are included with registration, so I did not need to run around town and fight crowds to get school supplies in the busy days leading to the first day of school. On the first day of school, I attended the assembly under the trees of the school yard. Sarah saw many of the friends she had met over the summer and Mrs. Ramirez, the principal, encouraged the children to reach out and welcome the new students.

St. Anthony became home to us in the final years of my husband’s service, the warm welcome we received made our transition easier and some of the all-inclusive conveniences were a blessing, as I tried to juggle everything by myself. The teachers and staff provided Sarah with extra support and encouragement, since they were aware her dad was away.

My three favorite things about St. Anthony are the strong faith-based community, where students are encouraged to live out their faith by welcoming and supporting others. St. Anthony has talented teachers and a strong curriculum that challenges students and gives parents piece of mind that their children are learning and growing. Finally, St. Anthony offers all-inclusive services, like the meal program, after school care, and school supplies which help busy parents to better manage their family’s needs in the busy world we live in.”