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St. Anthony Meal Services in Welder Dining Hall


At St. Anthony, we strive to care for our students in mind, body and spirit. We know our students need the right nutrition to give them the fuel they need to stay focused and alert throughout their school day. As part of our mission to provide a healthy environment for growth, mentally, spiritually and physically, we have created a flavorful and nutritional meal service for our students within Welder Dining Hall.


The Welder Dining Hall is located within the newest building on our campus, the Benson Center. This beautiful dining hall is headed by Chef Rene Fernandez of Azuca Restaurant.  Chef Fernandez creates fresh, well-balanced, healthy breakfast and lunch options for our students, giving them the nutrients they need for maintaining their mental focus and physical health.            



Our menu options offer a wide variety to give our students plenty of choices for their meals. In addition to our main lunch meal choices each day, there is also a salad bar that contains a healthy variety of options for our students. Chef Alex and the dedicated kitchen staff will accommodate any dietary need.

Breakfast, snacks and lunch are served daily at Welder Dining Hall and is include in the tuition. Our Extended Day Program for after school care also provides a snack during the post-school hours.

For more information on our menus and meal plan, you may contact our administrative office or contact Chef Alex directly at                                              




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