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Spanish Immersion at St. Anthony

Language Immersion at St. Anthony (LISTA) forms bilingual and bi-literate students through Spanish immersion enrichment education in the core academic subjects from preschool through 5th grade. LISTA is designed to take advantage of a child's optimal time to acquire and learn an additional language through immersive Spanish instruction in a nurturing, faith-based setting. 


Bilingualism & Biliteracy

Language acquisition occurs naturally in early childhood, nurtured by classroom experiences and immersed in language, culture, and faith enhanced through daily prayers, events and performances in both English and Spanish. The proficiency and capability of a second language will help Spanish immersion students distinguish themselves from others as they aspire to various career paths by exploring broader communities and networks of opportunities.


Strong Cognitive Abilities

Studies show that immersion students score as well as, or oftentimes better, than their non-immersion peers. Students develop strong listening and problem-solving skills, a greater sensitivity to verbal and non-verbal cues, and enhanced cognitive flexibility.


Increased Multicultural and Social Awareness

Linguistic and cultural knowledge is a great resource as global citizens. Immersion students develop a greater sensitivity and appreciation of world cultures through exposure to differences and diversity. Immersion curriculum serves students of all backgrounds and levels of academic ability.


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