Health Services


St. Anthony Health Clinic

At St. Anthony, we are dedicated to the care of our students, from their mind and spirit to their emotional and physical well-being. We provide an on-site health clinic to address any medical concerns of our students, from preventive health care services to the occasional need for first-aid treatments. Our school nurse, Maria Morrell, runs the clinic and is available to attend to our students if they have minor medical concerns during the school day.

The health clinic is open from 7:30 - 4:00 p.m. during the school year. The clinic provides vision and hearing screenings, administers prescription medications, coordinates seasonal flu vaccinations, and provides first-aid treatment. Parents who have children who have prescription medications they need to take during the school day must make arrangements to have the prescription administered in the health clinic according to the physician’s dosage instructions.


Student Health Information and Immunizations

It is our policy at St. Anthony to have current immunization records and all pertinent health and emergency data on file for all our students. It is a requirement that these records be kept current for our students to attend classes. For more information on this policy, refer to the Parent/Student Handbook or contact the school nurse, Maria Morrell at (210) 732-8801 ext. 122 or if you have any questions.