Extra Curricular

Our Learning Journey Continues Outside of Class

Learning does not begin and end in the classroom; it happens in all forms, from music and art to exploring the outdoors. St. Anthony Catholic School provides a variety of school-sponsored and independent after school activities as a way for our students to broaden their interests outside the classroom.




Students in 2nd through 8th grade are eligible to join the choir. Choir students participate in events such as Light the Way, Caroling on the Barges, and other community outreach events.


Chess Club

Explore strategy and competition in a fun and interactive way. The Chess Club is open to students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. The club meets twice a week after school and offers beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels.


Science Club

For students who want to explore our world and beyond in more detail, we offer our science club to our 2nd - 5th graders. They learn about the many branches of science through hands-on activities, field trips, and professional speakers.

Drama Club

Drama Club Students in middle school learn the basics of performance, scenery, and stage presence while preparing for a spring production.


Our after school dance program gives our young students a chance to explore movement and grace. This after-school activity is available weekly. 



Our students can learn discipline and control of the physical form through our after-school karate classes, offered weekly. 


Lego Club

This after-school activity is available weekly. Boys and girls learn the basics of engineering in a fun environment. 




Interested families have the opportunity to sign up their children for Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts.

For more information about extra curricular activities, please contact ASC Coordinator, Rebecca Martinez, (210) 732-8801 ext. 135.