A variety of enrichment opportunities during the school day


St. Anthony Catholic School recognizes the importance of educating the whole child by providing students with a variety of enrichment opportunities during the school day. Foundational academics are only a part of creating a well-rounded education  and student. Our electives and enrichment opportunities foster creativity, communication and character building in our students to encourage personal and cultural growth.


Students at the elementary level explore their creativity and make art connections throughout their curriculum. At the middle school level, students can choose Art as an elective. Students are introduced to a variety of media and techniques.

Classical Heritage

This advanced middle school elective combines etymology with a study of Greek and Roman Mythology. Students gain knowledge of word origin, make connections to modern language and compare classical history with our modern cultural references.


At the middle school level, Latin 1 offers a basic introduction to the language and its connections to modern English. Students move on to Latin 2 in the second year where they delve into more challenging coursework as they prepare for high school.


Spanish is an important part of the St. Anthony curriculum. Beginning in Pre-K3, students learn basic vocabulary and build on that foundation every year. From 3rd through 8th grade, formal grammar and conversational Spanish is introduced and reinforced.


Music classes are held weekly for students in Pre-K3-5th grade. Starting in 2nd grade, students are eligible to participate in our school choir. Choir and band are also available at the middle school level.


Technology is integrated into the curriculum at all grade levels. Middle School elective offerings include Keyboarding, Tech Apps, Digital Art, Productivity Apps, Music Technology and Image Editing.

Productivity Apps

At the middle school level, Productivity Applications provides students the opportunity to study and apply computer concepts such as coding, data storage, file transfer, networking, web page design and digital sound in a highly creative, project-based learning way. (Prerequisite: 6th grade Technology or 7th grade Digital Art prior to taking this elective.)


Also at the middle school level, Entrepreneurship gives students the fundamental tools to blaze their own path: by learning the entrepreneurial process and mindset, they'll be able to take any idea and bring it to life! They'll learn about product development, build their own company with their peers and even construct prototypes and practice pitching to investors.


Middle school students learn the art of public speaking, are introduced to ethics, and have the opportunity to participate in competitions. Drama Club Students in 6th-8th learn the basics of performance, scenery, and stage presence while preparing for a spring production.


A variety of STEM experiences are conducted at all grade levels as part of our rigorous curriculum offerings. A STEM club is available for our elementary students and our three Robotics teams offer a challenging and fun competitive experience. St. Anthony is proud to host a FLL Robotics qualifier every year.