Branding Policy

The Branding Policy aims to support and protect the integrity of the School’s visual identity, ensuring consistency and supporting St. Anthony Catholic School’s growing reputation.

Policy Statement

This policy governs the use of all school trademarks, logos, names, and other branding elements for any purpose and applies to St. Anthony Catholic School and all clubs, organizations, and individuals connected to and/or representing the school. The Development Office should be consulted whenever it is not clear whether a proposed use is permissible.


Campuses, clubs, organizations, and individuals may only use the School’s name and branding elements in strict accordance with this policy and the graphics requirements on the Brand Website ( In general:


In situations where there is uncertainty whether a proposed use is permissible, or where the branding guidelines don’t adequately define a proper use in unusual situations, no action may be taken until the Development Office has been consulted and issues formal approval of the proposed use. Otherwise, use of branding elements within the strict guidelines and requirements on the Brand Website is allowed and be carried out without written approval from the Development Office.

Branding Forms