Academic Departments


A Balanced Education

The academic core of our curriculum at St. Anthony Catholic School gives our students the skills they need to excel as they continue their education in high school, college and beyond. Our academic courses including Math, Science, Social Studies, Religion and Language Arts are designed to expose our students to higher levels of learning, preparing them for the future.


Beginning in KRP, mathematics is explored and incorporated into our students' play, activities and games. Through elementary school, we believe the key to student success in mathematics is developing a true understanding of problems, applying skills, and transferring knowledge from one learning situation to another. Students are taught to read, activate prior knowledge, gesture, write, and speak each mathematical problem to gain understanding. The mathematics program follows Archdiocesan standards utilizing the enVision Math series.


Understanding the concepts of the different science disciplines are explored from KRP through middle school. KRP and elementary classes build the science foundation needed for them to excel in our more advanced science courses through middle school. St. Anthony Catholic School’s middle school science program is a challenging and balanced integrated curriculum, using a STEM approach to the Archdiocese and TEKS standards. It incorporates grade level concentrations from the Earth, Life, and Physical sciences. The curriculum is aligned to the National Science Education Standards, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), and the New Generation Science Standards through the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA).

Social Studies

Understanding the world around them is an intricate part of our students’ education at St. Anthony Catholic School. From learning the basic structure of government, map skills and history in elementary school classes to expanding knowledge about world history, we help our students understand the world around them. Learning economics, political history and geography is paramount in their evolving their sense of community and connection with the world around them. Various class trips to historical places enhance the learning experience, including a week-long trip to Washington D.C. in the 8th grade year.

Language Arts

Fundamental reading and writing skills in the KRP through elementary school are taught with rigorous focus on creating literate, well-rounded students. Vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension are strengthened through each grade, along with an appreciation and understanding of literature, poetry and complex themes. In middle school, our ELAR program is designed to transition students into the high school setting seamlessly. Themes are more in depth to reflect the maturing of the students.

Religious Studies

The Catholic faith and religious studies are explored throughout every phase of our students’ education at St. Anthony Catholic School. Our Religion program lays the foundation for the student’s spiritual growth and the development of their knowledge of the Catholic faith. Young students begin by developing a sense of prayer and worship by celebrating Mass on a weekly basis. Daily religion class is taught following the Archdiocesan standards and the "God Loves Us" series by Loyola Press. Catholic tradition and the Bible are the basis of the curriculum. We provide every student the opportunity to encounter Christ.